Are you selling Streamyx?
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If "Yes", do you face the below problems:
→    Low Commission rate like 1.8 month or 1.5 month
→    Can not expand (Not enough commission to offer other partners)
→    Unmanaged Customer Database
→    Unknown Customer Status
→    Commission never get paid
→    Con-man cheating around
Now We Solve Your Problems & Offer You A Great Deal!
Now We Offer:
√    200% Commission Rate for Streamyx Sales By "Yourself"
√    15% Commission Rate for Streamyx Sales By "Your Direct Agents"
√    10% Commission Rate for Streamyx Sales By "Your Direct Agents' Agents"
√    5% Commission Rate for Streamyx Sales By "Your Direct Agents' Agents' Agents"
√    "Web-Based Automated Program" to Serve You Better Than Others
√    "Payment" Will Be Calculated Automatically for you
√    "Customer Status" Become Real Time & Can Check 24 Hours
We are Micropurple Sdn Bhd located in Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Business Partner of SNS Network (M) Sdn Bhd (TM Top Reseller in Year 2009)
As a Conclusion:
Just Assume
Your Direct Agent:  A     A's Agent:  B     B's Agent:  C
 Sales Done By  You Will Get  A Will Get  B Will Get  C Will Get
 You  200%  0%  0%  0%
 A  15%  200%  0%  0%
 B  10%  15%  200%  0%
 C  5%  10%  15%  200%
So, can you see what we offer?
Yes, You Can Now Offer Everyone With The Same Rate!
Even Your Agents' Agents' Agents will bring you profit!
Just imagine if 1 week you get 2 Agents join under you, After 1 month, you will have 8 Agents!
If all of your Direct Agent get 2 Agents every week, after 2 months......
 Your Agent  Total Amount
 A  16 Persons
 B  112 Persons
 C  448 Persons
Let's calculate if everyone get 1 Streamyx Combo RM 90, how much you earn:
 Sales Done By  Persons  Revenue  Formula  You Will Get
 You  1  RM65  RM65 X 200% X 1  RM130
 A  16  RM65  RM65 X 15% X 16  RM156
 B  112  RM65  RM65 X 10% X 112  RM728
 C  448  RM65  RM65 X 5% X 448  RM1,456
 Total    RM2,470.00
You only submit "1 Streamyx Combo 90 sales" and you get "RM2,470" as you profit!
Let's Compare With What Others Resellers Offer
If You get 230% Commission From Others Reseller and You Pay Your Agent 180%
We assume everyone get 1 Streamyx Combo 90 Sales a month,
See what is the Different:
 Sales Done By  By You  By Agents  Formula  RM
 You Get  1  16  RM65 X 230% X 17  RM2,541.50
 You Paid      RM65 X 180% X 16  -RM1,872.00
 Total    RM669.50
Join Others With 230%, You Get Only RM669.50
Same Case If You Join Us, You Get RM2,470.00
Imagine if everyone get 2 sales, or everyone get 2 SOHO Package sales....
Don't forget, you still need to look for 2 New Agents in a week....
You Agents still expanding, your network will become bigger and bigger....
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